Releases Top 14 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever Received

Before the most romantic day of the New Year arrives,, part of the Group and the company behind numerous online dating sites, has released a newly curated guide to navigating Valentine’s Day festivities. These tips alert daters of what not to do in virtually every possible scenario to avoid heartbreak and simultaneously support romantics everywhere in the search for love.

They took a poll of their users to determine some of the biggest gifting fails they’ve experienced. Whatever you decide to give to your loved one, make sure to avoid any of the following that made it onto’s list of the top 14 worst Valentine’s Day gifts ever received:

  1. A used candle
  2. An exes leftover clothing
  3. Edible underwear
  4. Pink shaving cream
  5. A sports team themed lighter
  6. Hair ties
  7. A picture of a gift ordered online that did not arrive in time
  8. A card themed for the wrong holiday
  9. A date night coupon
  10. Sweatpants
  11. Heart shaped paper clips
  12. twenty dollar bill
  13. A pet goldfish
  14. Beef jerky bouquet