Chris Brown Reportedly Owes $4 Million In Back Taxes

Following a report that claimed the R&B singer owed the IRS and the state of California millions of dollars, Chris Brown is in big trouble with the law.

A new report says that Breezy owes $4 million in back taxes. Several tax liens have been put on Chris Brown’s property and music businesses because he owes taxes from 2022.

Chris got at least two federal tax liens for taxes he didn’t pay for 2022. According to the new tax forms, one was for $2,245,561.50, and the other was for $1,059,967.78.

California filed a $739,067.48 state tax lien against the “Loyal” singer. He allegedly owes the government $4,044,596.76.

Despite being worth $100 million, Chris held a massive “high-end garage sale” to raise money in 2018. He built a department store on his property, so he might do it again and pay his taxes.

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