Cardi B Talks Wanting To Bring Back The Old ‘Playboy’ As Its New Creative Director

Cardi B sat down with Billboard to talk about her new job as creative director for “Playboy.”

“I’ve been meeting with [Playboy] since May. I gave them some ideas that I have because I want the brand. I want sex. Sex appeal. I’m a wild girl,” Cardi told Billboard. “And that’s what I want on the brand. I want to have conversations that people are afraid to have. I want beautiful women.”

When asked what some of her ideas were she told Billboard, “I just think of Playboy like back-in-the-day Playboy. That’s what I want. I want to bring that back. I’m excited but now I’m getting a little bit overwhelmed because I could get a lot of pressure, but I know that I could do it.”

Playboy printed their last physical issue in Spring of 2020 and is currently only available digitally. Hugh Hefner founded Playboy in 1953, now it’s known as PLBY Group global media and lifestyle company.

Do you think Cardi will be able to revive the Playboy brand?