Cardi B Shares Video of Mwai Kibaki Declaring He Was only Married to One Wife

A video that Cardi B posted got more views than normal since everyone rushed to their abandoned Twitter accounts on Monday after Facebook and Instagram went down.

The 2013 video shows President Mwai Kibaki of Nairobi and his wife Lucy at a press conference where he addresses his relationship and makes it clear he only has one wife, Lucy Kibaki

Rumors had been spreading and eventually went viral about him having an affair, which sparked the need for a press conference to address the matter.

“Cardi B got jokes. That was the former President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, confirming to the nation that he has 1 wife. He called a press conference to address this subject matter. Through this meme, Cardi is telling us that Offset has one boo only. Smiling face with smiling eyes Cardi, I’m I wrong?” commented one Twitter user.

Do you think Cardi was trying to send a message with the post?