Cardi B reveals Vitamin C Cleanser that boosts her Pregnancy Glow

One of the biggest things that happened during the BET awards was Cardi B revealing that she is pregnant with baby number 2.

Since her performance and the reveal, she has posted a ton of pictures of her maternity shoot to fully display her baby bump and the happiness of her family growing.

The reason why Cardi B has been glowing is because of this particular vitamin C cleaner she has been using.

Cardi’s makeup artist revealed that the cleanser is called “Urban Skin RX Cleanser”.

Erika La Pearl said, “Showing that as a woman, you can have it all—perform while pregnant and look beautiful. I wanted to create a look that enhanced her natural glow.”

Fans can purchase the product at Ulta for $32.

What is your favorite beauty product? How do you keep your skin clear and glowing? What is your skincare routine?