Cardi B Responds To Fan Praising Her ‘Growth’

Recently, a fan complimented Cardi’s ‘growth’ over Offset’s past indiscretions, and Cardi took the time out of her day to respond to the fan’s comments.

The fan said, “People love talking about Offset’s past behaviors and try to drag Cardi and it’s old…tbh y’all always want to talk about ‘Growth’ well growth is not just reserved for y’all. I’m happy they together, most importantly I’m glad they worked with each other to make each other better.”

Cardi responded, “Facts….F**k it tho..we living life.”

She did also have a special message to her Bardi gang. She said, “I don’t get mad at you guys when you guys ask me for music or when you guys make a joke about asking for music and it’s funny, cause y’all know I love funny. But when it’s kinda corny and it sounds a little bit stank, that’s when I be like, s**k my d**k and shut the f**k up.”

Do you think Cardi will drop a new album this year or will fans have to wait till next year?