Cardi B Is Down to Officiate Kal Penn’s Wedding After He Tweets That He Dreamed About It

With Kal Penn recently coming out as gay ahead of the release of his memoir, the star of the “Harold & Kumar” recently saw rapper Cardi B on a flight to Los Angeles and had a dream she officiated his wedding.

Penn revealed he’s been in an eleven-year relationship with his fiancée, Josh, and now that he’s come out, they are ready to walk down the aisle.

Penn revealed his wedding dream on Twitter and Cardi go wind of it writing, “First, why didn’t you say hi!” she hilariously wrote. She then followed it up by saying she’s actually licensed to officiate weddings, “sooo……..let me know.” 

Of course, Penn was ecstatic tweeting, that he didn’t want to bother the “Up” rapper as she had her “Do Not Disturb” light on. “Holy s— let’s do it!” he wrote about having Cardi officiate his upcoming nuptials. “We’re down if you’re down!”

Which celebrity would you like to have officiate your wedding?