Cardi B & Hennessy Carolina’s MAGA Accusers Want Request To Dismiss Lawsuit Tossed

There’s an update in the lawsuit against Cardi B and her sister, Hennessy Carolina which took place last Labor Day in the Hamptons.

A trio of MAGA supporters accused Hennessy of approaching them with her girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, and shouting at them because they were wearing MAGA hats.

Hennessy claimed the MAGA supporters targeted her because they heard her speaking Spanish and she was told to “go back to her country.” Hennessy got the incident on video and sent it to Cardi who posted it to her social media accounts.

Cardi’s team has asked for the suit to be dismissed because what was said by Hennesy and her girlfriend shouldn’t be seen as defamatory because the group being called “racist MAGA supporters” was just Hennessy and Michelle’s opinion.

The group is calling for Cardi’s dismissal of the case to be tossed out. Do you think Cardi and Hennessy’s case should be dismissed?