Cardi B Addresses Rumors She’s Taking A Break From The Music Industry

Cardi B addressed rumors that she’s taking a hiatus from music. A recent Instagram Live raised rumors that the “Bongos” singer was on hiatus. The Grammy-winning artist informed fans she would disappear, but fans misinterpreted her.

“Y’all might not see me for a long time cause I’m just not in the mood to be famous,” Cardi B said earlier this week. “If y’all wanna see me y’all go to Arizona to the Tik Tok concert, but other than that I’ve been liking my low key life.”

Fans thought Cardi was taking a hiatus from music, but she clarified her comment on X, tweeting, “I never said I was taking a hiatus,” she posted on X Thursday (November 16). “I’m just continuing with my social media break like I have been for the last few weeks.”

In October, she told her Bardi fans that she was scrapping the album; she wrote on social media, “There’s no album,’ she wrote. “I don’t want to do music,” before deleting the comments.

Do you ever want to just “disappear?” What does your “low-key” life look like?