Beyoncé And Rihanna’s Ex Chef Is Opening A Restaurant In Bondi & Take My Bills, Bills, Bills

Beyoncé and Rihanna’s ex-chef, Scott Findlay is opening a restaurant in Bondi, Australia, and all of the dishes will be inspired by various celebrities he’s worked for over the years, except one.

Findlay’s restaurant, Flave, will have vegan and gluten-free dishes ranging from $13.50 – $24, so you can eat like a celeb without breaking the bank.

Some of the dishes will include Rihanna’s favorite, Wadda Jerk Bowl, which Findlay went to her hometown of Barbados to learn to make the marinade just right.

Paul McCartney is another one of Findlay’s famous clients and he designed the  Ballsy Bowl for the Beatle. But the one dish you won’t see on Findlay’s menu is Beyoncé’s, “She’d often sneak into the kitchen at odd hours and request her favorite secret dish, which to this day I’ve never divulged and I never will,” said Findlay.

What is your favorite vegan dish?