Ariana Grande Reveals the Rule She’s Already Broken in Her ‘The Voice’ Contract

Ariana Grande kicked off her first season as a “Voice” coach with an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show. 

Grande gushed about how fun it is to be able to share what she’s learned as an artist with her new team. She also revealed that she’s a rule breaker.

“I’ve broken every rule in my contract,” Ariana told Kelly. “I talk to them all, all the time. I’m like, DM-ing them. They’re like, ‘you’re not supposed to do that.’ And I’m like, sorry.”

Kelly also revealed that Ariana always sends stuff to her team at their hotel, which we guess is another rule Ariana’s broken. But hey, it’s Ariana Grande!

Are you a rule breaker? What was the last rule you broke?