A Canadian University Course About Drake And The Weeknd Will Launch In 2022

Toronto’s X University will have a course dedicated to Drake and The Weekend thanks to author, podcaster, and writer Dalton Higgins who will teach the course starting next year.

“Deconstructing Drake and The Weekend” will follow many American college courses being taught about Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Popstars.

“On American college campuses, there are easily more than 300 hip-hop courses being taught about artists like Jay Z, Outkast, Beyoncé (there are a lot of Beyoncé courses). Many Ivy League universities including Harvard and Cornell, have fully embraced hip-hop education, so we can do the same here,” said Higgins.

“When you have two Black artists born and bred in Toronto who perform rap, R&B, and pop, and who are arguably well on their way to becoming billionaires at some point in time, there is apparently a lot to learn. Remember, they both blew up despite being products of a local Canadian music scene that does very little to foster the growth of its Black music practitioners,” Higgins added.

Would you enroll in the “Deconstructing Drake and The Weekend” course?