70-Year-Old Taco Bell Employee Receives $6K Tip

Taco Bell employees usually don’t receive tips, but there’s something special about “Taco Bell Joe.”

70-year-old Joe DeCicco has been working at his South Daytona, Florida Taco Bell for almost 20 years. When the community had a chance to pick their favorite fast food worker for a prize, it was no contest.

More than 300 people nominated Joe, telling stories of his service and kindness, and donating money for a cash prize.

Eventually, Joe was awarded with a check worth $6,095! While receiving the prize, Joe said, “It’s my customers that I owe this to. They bring out the best in me. It’s them. I couldn’t do it without your help.”

Do you have a favorite fast food/restaurant worker that you think deserves recognition?