50 Cent Reveals What Eminem Texted Him After Appearing On Drew Barrymore’s Show

50 Cent recently stopped by the Drew Barrymore show and the actress turned talk show host was interested in his texting conversations with Eminem.

“Heard he just texts you random texts during the day…” Barrymore says to 50 who admits that he does get random texts from Eminem. Drew then suggests he text Eminem and tell him he’s on her show.

50 obliges and sends a video message with Drew saying, “Yeah, we are on live TV. This big dog status stuff going on here. And look, I’m sending you videos of really hot, attractive women in them. You need to send me something back. I’d like to see a video in return of somebody special.”

Although Eminem didn’t reply right away, he did respond to 50 and Drew’s video message and 50 shared with fans what he said, “@eminem text me and was like hey i know i’m late to the party. I just saw the @drewbarrymore show. Bro you are crazy, only you would do something like that. LOL.”

If you could text a celebrity directly, who would you text and what would you say?